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Session #1 – At The Starting Line: Promoting and Protecting Mental Health in Community Sport

Date: Thursday, February 9, 2023
Speaker: Stewart Vella, PhD
Length of Session: (75 minutes (45 minute lecture, 30 minute Q&A)
Time: 1:00pm UTC (Toronto 8:00am, Sao Paulo 10:00am, London 1:00pm, Paris 2:00pm, Beijing 9:00pm, Tokyo 10:00pm)

Program Overview
The protection and promotion of mental health in non-elite sport settings has become a hot topic worldwide. However, in many respects, we are barely at the starting line. This presentation will explore the ways and means through which mental health can be addressed in community sport settings – including mental health programs and mental health guidelines.

About The Speaker
Dr. Stewart Vella is the Director of the Global Alliance for Mental Health and Sport at the University of Wollongong – Australia. He is the most published researcher in the world on the topic of mental health and sport. Vella’s work spans mental health programs and guidelines, and psychological safety with a focus on community sport. His “Ahead of the Game” program is being scaled globally including as the official program of the Rugby League World Cup.

Program Format
Attendees can participate in an ISSP Master Class session right from their office or home. Registrants will be provided the Zoom link upon registration to access the presentation right on the web in real time. If you are unable to watch the session live, a recording will be provided afterward to all registrants.

Cost (in USD)