ISSP-R Supervisors

ISSP-R Supervisor status

The content below describes the application route for professional sport psychologists interested in ISSP-R Supervisor status. This is an important role in terms of providing supervision to young practitioners seeking ISSP-R status having completed their Masters degree education, or being mentored during extensive independent placements as part of two-year MSc programs.  Such neophyte practitioners must be supervised by appropriately trained professionals in our industry. In order to gain the status of ISSP-R Supervisor, you will need to personally submit a portfolio to demonstrate meeting the required standards of the role. This portfolio will establish evidence of knowledge, experience, professional activity, and underpinning philosophy in relation to providing supervision services to neophyte and/or more established practitioners

Here you will see two categories that pertain to the overall processes and routeways with respect to ISSP-R Approved Supervisor.  Please click on each for further information, beyond the summary that is provided here

We are seeking to grow the body of available supervisors for providing quality support to emerging young professionals. Hence, we are encouraging those practitioners with well-established supervision acumen and experience to apply through a Fast Track route to ISSP-R Approved Supervisor status. Such individuals should qualify to meet the criteria for the ISSP-Registry as a practitioner and are encouraged to apply for ISSP-R and ISSP-R Approved Supervisor status simultaneously if they meet the required criteria as both practitioner and supervisor.

We have included access here to several documents that will be helpful in understanding the criteria and process, as well as an example application.

 word icon 24 Application Guide and Criteria

word icon 24  Application template – example completed by Professor Artur Poczwardowski

word icon 24  Example Application resume – Professor Artur Poczwardowski

This route represents the traditional pathway to the ISSP-R Approved Supervisor role and is designed for those ISSP-R practitioners who are interested in supervision roles with colleagues and student practitioners, and who have had limited experience in supervision training. It will comprise of an ISSP online supervisor orientation and training program led by Professor Artur Poczwardowski.

We have included access here to several documents that will be helpful in understanding the criteria and process.

word icon 24  Application Guide and Criteria

word icon 24  Application template