ISSP Global Master Class Series

Event Date: 2024-09-18
Dr. Bartley will outline USOPC's integration of Mental Health Services spanning various theoretical orientations and innovative performance psychology consultations delivered across training centers, online, and on the road. She will also provide insights into preparations for the Paris Olympics and ongoing support for Team USA athletes post-Games.
Event Date: 2024-06-18
Prof. Wylleman will explore the pivotal role of sport psychologists in athlete welfare and safeguarding at the Olympics. He'll detail the functions of NOC Welfare and Safeguarding Officers, roles emphasized since the 2022 Games, and their impact on the Paris 2024 Olympics. Insights from his experiences in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 will underscore their significance.
Event Date: 2024-05-16
Prof. Hackfort explores behavior in adventurous, risky, and extreme sports, emphasizing a differentiated analysis via an action-theory perspective. He aims to clarify misconceptions, debunking labels like ‘danger-freaks.’ Through examples, he'll discuss risk behavior, stressing the importance of dual perspectives for understanding and regulating human actions in sports and beyond, highlighting strategies for risk education.
Event Date: 2024-04-03
Dr. Balague will outline the essentials of providing sport psychology services to professional teams. She will highlight the importance of engaging with all stakeholders while navigating the nuances associated with delivering applied services.
Event Date: 2024-01-30
Dr. Maher will (a) discuss how mental health (MH) can be adaptive; (b) illustrate the entire organization shares MH responsibility; (c) provide an approach to plan and evaluate MH initiatives; and (d) offer reflection on practitioners' development.
Event Date: 2023-09-26
Prof. Wagstaff will map the emergence of systems-led approaches for developing of psychologically informed environments. Chris will take a science-practice approach to highlight social, cultural, and historical influences on people in sport and offer considerations for practitioners.
Event Date: 2023-05-11
Recent sport psychology literature highlights the importance of developing and implementing service delivery practices grounded in the cultural and contextual frameworks within which practitioners and their clients perform.
Event Date: 2023-02-15
The protection and promotion of mental health in non-elite sport settings has become a hot topic worldwide. However, in many respects, we are barely at the starting line. This presentation will explore the ways and means through which mental health can be addressed in community sport settings – including mental health programs and mental health guidelines.