ISSP Mission

The International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) is a multidisciplinary society devoted to promoting research, practice, and development in sport psychology throughout the world. The Society endeavors to foster peace and understanding among people from all countries. Members of the Society include researchers, psychologists, educators, coaches, administrators, students, and athletes interested in sports psychology.

ISSP exists to:

  • encourage and promote the study of human behavior within the sport, physical activity, and health settings;
  • facilitate the sharing of knowledge through a newsletter, meetings, and a quadrennial congress;
  • improve the quality of research and professional practice in sports psychology.

ISSP is the only worldwide organization explicitly concerned with sport psychology. It was formed in 1965 under the direction of Dr. Ferruccio Antonelli of Italy and has since had General Assembly meetings every four years during the World Congress of Sport Psychology. 

The truly international flavor of ISSP is illustrated by its numerous members from a variety of countries, and the diverse locations of past World Congresses, which include: Rome, Italy (1965), Washington, USA (1968), Madrid, Spain (1973), Prague, Czechoslovakia (1977), Ottawa, Canada (1981), Copenhagen, Denmark (1985), Singapore (1989), Lisbon, Portugal (1993), Telaviv, Israel (1997), Skiathos, Greece (2001), Sydney, Australia (2005), Marrakesh, Morocco (2009) and Beijing, China(2013).