Ambassador Program

  • To have the widest possible outreach for the advancement of sport and exercise psychology in emerging countries (i.e., those with less access to scientific and practical expertise seeking to build national capacity)
  • To promote knowledge exchange and international connectedness of sport and exercise psychology researchers, practitioners, and students.
  • To support the growing visibility of research and theorizing from emerging countries to diversify the academic discourse in the field of sport and exercise psychology.
  • To support the development of cultural awareness and cultural competence
  • To help with the establishment and regulation of training (possible certification); and practice of sport and exercise psychologists from emerging countries.
  • To vigorously promote indigenous practices to secure public interest towards the advancement (training and practice) of SEP from emerging countries.
  • The ambassador is a Managing Council member or a member appointed by the Managing Council to serve the needs of the applicant society and its members.
  • The ambassador should have applied and/or research experiences and interest in sharing of knowledge through publication/presentation.
  • The ambassador’s expertise should match the needs of the applicant.
  • The applicant is committed to promoting ISSP initiatives in emerging countries as one of its engaged members.
  • The ambassador should be committed to promoting social justice and cultural inclusivity.
  • The ambassador should have sufficient knowledge of SEP (applied and research) within their cultural praxis.
  • The country should have a registered National organization of sport and exercise psychology (e.g. Society/National Association)
    Full-time sport psychologist employed in a National Institute of Sports/University/Research Center
    Countries that are interested in formalizing sport and exercise psychology as a field.
  • The country should have conducted workshops/conferences /symposiums in sport and exercise psychology (annual or biannual).
  • The country encourages the growth of sport and exercise psychology.
  • Every year, ISSP will allocate up to USD 2,000 for the ISSP ambassador to participate in a conference/meeting/ etc. in an emerging country to attend to the applicant’s (hosting organization) needs (the fund is intended to cover traveling expenses of the ambassador so there will be little to no travel costs for the applicant to bring in the expert).
  • The host country is expected to cover all the expenses (boarding –all meals and accommodation; transportation to and from the airport, all domestic travel expenses, provided at a reasonable level, including clean accommodations, access to regular meals and snacks throughout each day, safe travel within the host country, onsite support and hosting)
  • Provide all logistics for the effective conduct of the program.

How to Apply

Download the application form below and submit the form by September 30th of the calendar year.

Photo by Alessandro Venturi