Hall of Fame

The induction into the ISSP Hall of Fame is a recognition that ISSP bestows to globally outstanding scholars, practitioners, and organizational leaders in the field of sport and exercise psychology. Our inductees are immortalized for their contributions to research, practice, and/or international leadership and the lasting impact they have left in sport and exercise psychology. The ISSP’s Hall of Fame has been established to increase and ensure awareness of exemplary work such as the accomplishment of milestones, essential perspectives, and the development of a fundamental disciplinary framework for this profession. The ISSP Hall of Fame is open to sport and exercise psychology professionals worldwide, across sport, exercise, and psychology societies. The ISSP Hall of Fame is a historical project intended to provide an evolving historical backdrop of recognized professional greatness.

To be eligible for induction into the ISSP Hall of Fame, a nominee must meet the following criteria:

  1. The nominee shall be eminent in professional work and/or leadership and shall have contributed to the heritage of sport and exercise psychology.
  2. The nominee should be known to have contributed at a global level to the reputation/impact of sport and exercise psychology; significance can be evaluated from a combination of several aspects below.
    • Theoretical/research contribution including the establishment of new concepts, theoretical frameworks, and new research trends.
    • Methodological contribution includes the development of innovative strategies, technologies, and measurement tools.
    • Professional contribution includes multiyear professional services (e.g., reviewing, editing, working for national and international sport and exercise psychology and relevant organizations) and science-driven practice.
    • Social contribution to the promotion of the field by knowledge accumulation/dissemination and/or initiatives with social and professional impact.
  3. The induction may be given posthumously.
  4. Current ISSP Managing Council members are not eligible for the induction.
  5. The nominees should be nominated by the current ISSP members.

ISSP Awards & Nominations Committee welcomes nominations from all countries. The following are the required documents to submit a complete nomination (all materials can be submitted electronically to the current ISSP Past President).

  1. A letter of nomination that addresses the following aspects: (1) A description of significant academic, organizational, and/or applied contributions and their impact on the global sport and exercise psychology field, attributed to the nominee; (2) Substantive influences the nominee has had on students, clients, peer colleagues, and the social environment; and (3) A statement that the nominee is known to have an exemplary character and reputation that is consistent with ISSP’s core values of integrity, equity, and inclusiveness.
  2. Nominee’s current vita with lists of achievements in research, teaching, leadership, and application or a past vita or list of achievements should the nominee be deceased.
  3. Names and email addresses of three professionals with international reputations who are familiar with the domain and in relation, the nominee’s work.
  4. Names and email addresses of three students/postdocs, clients, and/or social representatives that the nominee has/had trained and/or served during the past ten years (or a relevant period should the candidate be deceased).
  5. Each nominee must be endorsed by at least two current ISSP members residing in different continents. Each ISSP member with a membership of at least two consecutive years can nominate one candidate for the Hall of Fame at a time. Candidates cannot self-nominate.
  6. Each candidate for the Hall of Fame can be nominated a maximum of two times, with at least six years between these nominations.
  7. A headshot picture of the nominee (jpg format).
  8. Supplemental documentation. This can be any information that the nominator believes will help this nomination. Each file must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a maximum file size of 4MB. Examples of supplemental materials might include, but not be limited to peer-reviewed scholarship, slide decks from keynote presentations, media content, and practical books.
  9. All nominators should submit their nominations for the ISSP Hall of Fame no later than December 31st of the election year.
  1. The ISSP Awards & Nominations Committee is responsible to organize a selection committee for Hall of Fame induction. A selection committee is formed by the ISSP Past Presidents and chaired by the current ISSP Past President.
  2. The selection committee reviews all nominations, and the committee chair provides a statement with a substantive rationale for supporting or not supporting each nomination in written format.
  3. The selection committee makes recommendations to the Executive Committee of the ISSP Managing Council, which approves the final list to be inducted in the selection year.
  4. The Hall of Fame selection should be held every two years.
  1. The nominees will be notified of their nomination outcome by April 30th of the next year, four months after the nomination deadline. The first notice will be in the form of a letter provided by the current President of the ISSP on behalf of the ISSP Managing Council by electronic mail.
  2. All inductees will be presented with a certificate of recognition at the following ISSP World Congress General Assembly, presented by the current Past President during the formal awards ceremony. The inductees’ registration fee for participating in that congress will be waived.
  3. All inductees of the ISSP Hall of Fame will be recognized at the ISSP website on a publicly accessible webpage designed to feature the Virtual Hall of Fame.