Call for 2017-2021 ISSP Awards Nominations

We are now calling for 2017-2021 ISSP Awards Nominations. The ISSP Awards are presented to outstanding scholars and practitioners in acknowledgement of their significant contributions to the area of sport and/or exercise psychology. The ISSP has four categories of awards, they are: The ISSP Distinguished International Sport Psychologist Award, The ISSP Honor Award, The ISSP Developing Scholar Award, and The ISSP Developing Practitioner Award. The Award recipients can be nominated by any ISSP member. The ISSP members who are willing to nominate an award candidate are recommended to carefully read the Award Description and Criteria as below and follow the nomination procedure. The completed “Call for Nomination” Form and other references for ISSP Awards could be submittedelectronically through the ISSP website or to the chair of the ISSP Award Committee (Dr. Gangyan Si; ). The submission deadline for all nominations is September 30, 2020. Thank you!

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