Dear ISSP Member, 

“Given the mission of ISSP, the ISSP Accreditation committee is finalizing the process of establishing an internationally recognized consultant/practitioner registry that represents the minimum standard of sport psychology practice. It is envisioned that the ISSP-Registry (ISSP-R) will respond to the high international mobility of both sporting clients and consultants as well as increase the visibility and credibility of the profession internationally. Importantly, it aims to augment the professional standards of the field with a particular focus on supporting those countries in which ASP is at a developing phase.” (Chris Harwood, Ph.D C.Psychol ISSP Accreditation Committee [Chairperson])

On behalf of the ISSP Accreditation Committee, I have the pleasure to inform you that we are now ready to announce the submission dates for those of You who are interested in becoming a member of the ISSP-Registry. 

The submission dates are: 

  • March 1, 2020 for the ISSP-R Fast Track Route (for established practitioners) and 
  • September 1, 2020 for everyone (i.e., both ISSP-R Normal Route [emerging practitioners] and established practitioners [should they decide to apply later in the upcoming year]). 

Again, please, visit our website []) for more information about the ISSP Practitioner Registry (ISSP-R), its criteria and requirements, and examples of the application materials. Note: dates for applications for the ISSP-R Approved Supervisors will be communicated at a later time. 

Finally, please, be looking out for more updates and information (application submission portal, applicable fees, etc.) in the upcoming months. 

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important step in growing the field of applied sport psychology globally.


Artur Poczwardowski, Ph.D. 

(ISSP Secretary General)