A call for ISSP Managing Council Nominations

Any member of ISSP who is entitled to vote can submit nominations for the election of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer (these are’ officers’), and members at large of the Managing Council. Nominations for the President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, and all other members at large must be received in writing the Past President Dr. Gangyan Si at gangyans@hksi.ork.hk or by the Secretary General (Artur.Poczwardowski@du.edu) not later than by August 1st.. All nominations must be proposed and seconded by members in good standing, not including the nominee. Nominees are expected to agree in writing to stand for election and submit a typed statement presenting their case. Statements must be a maximum of 250 words in length. Longer statements will not be accepted. A short CV of the nominee is also invited as part of the nomination process.

To serve as an ‘officer’ (the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer), a person must first serve at least one term on the MC as a member at large. Please, note that a call for nominations for positions on the ISSP Managing Council will be also posted on the ISSP Website (https://www.issponline.org/).

Materials requested:

1. One page, begin with a photo about 6 x 5.5 sm. in size.
2. Name and a title of the nominee – Times New Roman, 18 size, bold
3. Nominated/seconded by (name of the person who nominated and seconded)  and For (which position or member at large) (14 size)
4. Personal Statement (14 size, bold)
5. The text – one paragraph, 250 words, Times New Roman, 14 size.
6. It is recommended that the nominees may describe which ISSP tasks/activities he/she is planning to contribute if elected, in the personal statement.