Dear Congress Participants,

I welcome you to the 2021 ISSP World Congress, being held virtually in Taipei. The ISSP World Congress has always been a historic event, and this congress is of no exception; it has uniqueness, though in a most different way than any previous ISSP Congress event. Amid Covid and the fatigue we have all encountered as professionals and in our personal lives, there is no more important time than the present to unite and exchange ideas focused on human potential through sport and physical activity. We reside within the world of movement, as avid participants and simultaneously, as supporters of clients and participants, with their own unique motives, leading to engagement.

The 2021 ISSP World Congress will be an open exchange of ideas through virtual means. Ideas, catalyzed through challenges, leading to scientific and practical resolutions, will be brought forth from you, the internationally composed congress participants. The topics will span diversity of nationality, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, among a breadth of intersecting aspects of human identity and their reciprocal relationship within our field. The keynote addresses and award recipients will reinforce the inevitable diversity of intellectual exchanges typical in an ISSP World Congress.

Also considered within this congress, among the vast diversity of subject matter in exercise and sport, is the recent Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, completed during a pandemic. There are few more evocative contexts through which to consider human resolve among athletes, coaches, and organizations. Time will tell the full scale of science and practice resulting from the recent Tokyo Olympics. However, the breadth of presentations relating to the recent Olympic context will span high-performance sport, youth sport, and translate to human resolve in physical activity contexts.

I wish you every enjoyment and learning opportunity gained through this event, where presentations will span the continents of Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, North America, and the Oceanic region. While engaging in the congress, please do remember there will be a General Assembly scheduled at a globally accessible time, where you will most certainly gain insight into the current and future activities of the ISSP. You belong within the ISSP, and there will certainly be many places for you within our evolving organizational structure. Welcome to the Congress!

Warmest wishes,

Robert Schinke

International Society of Sport Psychology