We are now reaching the concluding weeks of 2021. This year was an extremely exciting time for the International Society of Sport Psychology. Foremost, we wish to thank you, our valued members, for your support of the ISSP. Reflecting over the steps taken, there is much to be excited about. The ISSP Virtual Congress took place in late September and early October of this past year.

There were presentations from five continents, societal symposiums, international keynote presentations, and renowned award recipients, all of whom exchanged knowledge with the membership. Throughout this process, the Congress Local Organizing Committee under the guidance of Dr. Yu-Kai Chang, were highly successful in their commitments. The time and effort of the committee is not lost on our Managing Council. We extend gratitude toward to the LOC and to you, the members, who presented and attended presentations.

We have a new Managing Council, one which I am highly excited about. Our Executive Committee is comprised of exceptional – experienced contributors to the ISSP, supporting several highly prised objectives, including the ISSP Registry (Chris Harwood), Site and Relations (Tatiana Ryba), Publications (YoungHo Kim), Finance (Yu-Kai Chang), and Secretary General duties (Franco Noce). We also have the honor of retaining Gangyan Si in the capacity of Ex Officio Past President, to help support our continued evolution, whilst tying the committee with its heritage. We also have new members in our Managing Council, spanning all five continents. The Members at Large include Nikos Comoutos (Greece), Richard Keegan (Australia), Rebecca Wang (Malaysia), Alberto Cei (Italy), Alessandro Quartiroli (United States), Zhijian Wang (China), Tshepang Tschube (Botswana), and Kristoffer Henriksen (Denmark). I will serve as your President for these four years. Together, we will meet and exceed your expectations and actively seek to grow the Society in membership and benefits this term.

Discussions that were once dreams to the ISSP are now integral parts of a surging organization, seeking to expand and strengthen in the coming term. We have a valued ISSP Registry, a highly touted academic journal, a secured attractive Congress Site for 2025 in Greece, a ISSP Think Tank in the works for 2022, and an Ambassador’s Program, among our prized offerings. In the coming two months, there will be calls for Ambassador program applicants. For 2022, all applications and deliveries will likely be virtual, with the hope of in-person visits to emerging countries in 2023, led by Tatiana Ryba. We will also shortly open us a call for ISSP Fellows, led by Gangyan Si. I will also be opening a call for members to join our organization’s open committees, meaning those where we are seeking your support and engagement as active members. Presently, the committees open to applicants from the membership include the Cultural Committee, Emerging Countries Projects, Web and Social Media, and Students and Young Professionals. Further committees will liely open in the coming months once the newly assigned committee chairs work with the Managing Council on committee level visions, missions, and deliverables set to calendar. Should you wish to consider any of these committees, please contact Franco Noce, Secretary General at fnoce@ufmg.br and he will bring you into contact with the committee chair.
In closing, please have a safe and treasured final few weeks of 2021 and the most successful of years, in 2022. The ISSP looks forward to working with and for you in the coming days, weeks, months, and year of this term, toward a progressive society. -one you will be excited to be engaged with.

Warmest wishes,
Robert Schinke, President
International Society of Sport Psychology