Dear ISSP Membership,​

It has now been six months since the ISSP Congress, and there is much to share with you. First off, our previous website is no more. We have launched a new website that you can explore at the following domain:  We are quite proud of this achievement as it has been a long time coming! Websites are an international society’s window to the world and the world’s window, also, into a society.

You will find that our new website, thanks to the leadership of Dr. Thomas Schack and his doctoral student Lin Yu, is much easier to navigate. Moreover, what we hope it reveals to you is that we are mobilized in ISSP to continue to build our membership benefits. Examples of these benefits include an open call now for applicants for ISSP Fellows status. The Fellows status is something new to the society, and it was taken up during Dr. Gangyan Si’s Presidency. You will find we await the application of those who feel they meet the standard. Additionally, there is now a section devoted to accreditation. Many years ago, ISSP undertook a study of accreditation and we considered entering into this aspect of extending from scholarship to the practical domain. Many years later, we are now at the point where we are stepping into this area with both feet. Having spoken with many members over the last six months from emerging countries, this offering is much needed. From our vantage the ISSP Registry, which is now chaired by Dr. Chris Harwood, is being conceived to develop a standard that people across countries, worldwide, can achieve. This standard is in keeping with the ISSP Mission of developing capacity in sport psychology. You will also find that we have an Ambassador’s Program, and societies are open to apply now for a 2018 Ambassador to come and visit their country, to support the development of sport psychology in that region. We are seeking applications from countries that are in want of scientific and practical support. The ISSP is funding $2000 USD toward the successful application in order to make the project more affordable to societies in need. We also have a section devoted to publications, where you might find all of our position stands from the inception of this society to today. Layered into this section is news and a link to the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, the ISSP’s flagship journal. There is also an active section devoted to international events. Visiting that section of our website, you will find national, regional, and international scientific events that we have been asked to share with you by local organizing committees and regional societies. We welcome this opportunity to promote calendared events from around the world, and we are happy to take on this responsibility. There is also and “events” section devoted to recent news in the society. Accompanying this effort, we now have active Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Finally, there is a section focused on our history from inception to present day. Examining this newly minted website will give you a clear indication that the ISSP Managing Council is working for you. However, most important, if you examine the “About ISSP” webpage, you will find drop down window where you will find information on our organizational structure. What we wish to emphasize to you, is that there are committees now open to application from our membership so that you can become more involved. This brings the ISSP closer to its membership, whilst we also look to develop a more strategic and long-term approach to succession planning. Members of the ISSP can join the committees open to receiving applicants and begin a journey into positions of leadership, whilst also bringing fresh ideas to a highly motivate ISSP. In the meantime, should you have any questions, there are accessible e-mail addresses for key members in our MC that you might contact, and who would welcome your correspondence. We wish you health and happiness for 2018 and look forward to a closer connection with the continental societies and with you, our membership.

Warmest wishes,

Robert Schinke, ISSP President
Laurentian University, Canada