We have come to the conclusion of yet another calendar year. The International Society of Sport Psychology is moving forward with our initiatives, as a collective. Monumental progressions have been realized, inspiring further confidence in the membership.

For many years, the ISSP has been supportive of research and practice. We have travelled the world each year with our Managing Council, entering into discussions and the exchanges of ideas with colleagues from the global community. The discussions often led to the stimulation of ideas in the form of position stands relating to research and practice, and also think tanks, and ambassador programs, each bridging with social justice and inclusiveness.

During 2020, we launched the ISSP Registry with a call for Established practitioners. Seventeen applicants from four continents applied, beyond members within the Managing Council, involved in the generation of the Registry process. The applications have mostly been adjudicated and the candidates bestowed the status of ISSP-R. There are a few key applicants refining their submissions, ideally increasing the number of accepted practitioners to the Registry list to be found on our website in January, 2021.

Today, there will be an open call for emerging and established practitioners alike to begin their respective applications for an ISSP-R. The information for both routes is available at the issp.org website, and please note that there are opening and closing dates for this next wave of applications. You are most welcome to develop your application and join the cadre of ISSP-R members.

Today, we will open the call for applicants to the ISSP Supervisory status (ISSP-S), exclusive to established practitioners, at this point. The call for applicants is being opened, and already, there are several applicants who provided their information with anticipation. The supervisory status has been developed with the intention of enhancing the oversight experiences of emerging practitioners from every continent where there is sport and exercise psychology activity.

The International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology has received a record number of submissions this year, as we continue to expand the journal. Responding to the growing high- quality submissions, the installment number will increase in 2021 to six, and each installment will be increased in pages by ten percent. The IJSEP has increased its reputation and we will actively seek to improve upon its existing growth and quality. One step forward will be an expanded editorial board in the coming weeks.

During 2021, we will have the ISSP World Congress in Taipei September 30 to October 04. The Congress details are unfolding, and onsite possibilities are increasingly favourable as vaccines for Covid-19 are becoming available across countries. We believe the ISSP Congress will be a strong in-person event, and depending on the availability of vaccines, we are prepared to pivot should access to immunization be less than anticipated.

Though there are many highlights to draw upon, be assured that in this message, I only identify a few examples of the ISSP’s current synergy and rapid progress toward new levels of excellence. With much excitement to come in 2021, the ISSP’s leadership wish you every success and strong health. We look forward to meeting you in 2021.

Robert Schinke, President
International Society of Sport Psychology