ISSP Practitioner Registry: ISSP-R Emerging Practitioner Modules Presented in October


Given the mission of International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) and in the spirit of globalization, internationalization, unification, and collaboration, ISSP has established an internationally recognized consultant/practitioner registry that represents the minimum standard of sport psychology practice. The ISSP-Registry (ISSP-R) aims to respond to the high international mobility of both sporting clients and consultants as well as increase the visibility and credibility of the profession internationally. Importantly, it aims to augment the professional standards of the field with a particular focus on supporting those countries in which applied sport psychology is at a developing phase.

Please visit the website here to read about the Emerging Practitioner Route to ISSP-R This route is for early-career practitioners looking to demonstrate their educational and practical competence in the field. In addition to the minimum academic (i.e., BSc/BA, MSc) and supervised experience requirements, applicants will be required to engage and successfully pass three short ISSP-specific modules focused on cultural competence, ethics, and mental health.

ISSP and Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology of Taiwan (SSEPT) will be hosting the three ISSP-R modules for those sport psychology participants interested in taking them. We have invited three keynote speakers for the ISSP-R modules programme including Robert Schinke (current president of ISSP and a professor at Laurentian University), Gangyan Si (former president of ISSP and a sport psychologist at Hong Kong Sports Institute), and Chris Harwood (current accreditation chair of ISSP and a professor at Loughborough University).

Important Information:

Each module consists of a 2.5 hrs workshop seminar conducted online via Zoom in October 2021. After completion of each workshop, there is a 1000-word reflection assignment to be completed and submitted within 2 months of the workshop. Each assignment is checked and assessed with successful participants being awarded a certificate of completion.

Submissions of applications for the ISSP-R emerging practitioner route will open on October 31st with a closing deadline for submission of January 31st, 2022. For those wishing to apply for ISSP-R via the emerging route, you will have time to have completed the ISSP-R modules before the deadline date of submitting your ISSP-R application by January 31st.

Dates and Schedule:

  1. The next ISSP-Registry application window: Opens 31st October 2021, closes 31st January 2022.
  2. Module program dates: 30th – 31st October 2021
  3. Deadline for applications to the Module program: 20th October 2021
  4. Platform: Zoom (online course)
  5. Cost for 3 x Module Package: $210 (ISSP member) $150 (ISSP member – emerging country list). Please pay the fee through the membership dashboard within the ISSP website: ISSP membership dashboard
  6. Contact: Brennan Petersen (
(UTC + 8:00)
October 30th, 2021
09:00-10:15Session 1a
Gangyan Si
Cultural Competence
10:15-10:25Take break
10:25-11:30Session 1b
Gangyan Si
Cultural Competence
11:30-13:30Long break
13:30-14:45Session 2a
Chris Harwood
Ethics and Professional Practice
14:45-14:55Take break
14:55-16:00Session 2b
Chris Harwood
Ethics and Professional Practice
16:00-19:00Long break
19:00-20:15Session 3a
Robert Schinke
Mental Health
20:15-20:25Take break
20:25-21:30Session 3b
Robert Schinke
Mental Health