ISSP Multi-societal Sport Psychology Think Tank on Athlete Mental Health

Local Organizing Committee: United States Olympic Committee

October 15-16 this year, the United States Olympic Committee will host the ISSP Multi-societal international Think Tank on Athlete Mental Health at its Colorado Springs Training Center. This Think Tank was launched on the initiative of the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) with engagement from the world’s major sport psychology societies, presently including AASP, FEPSAC and ASPASP.

Leading researchers and practitioners representing international sport psychology organizations from around the world will discuss the implementation of best practices on mental health for Olympic athletes.

The multi-societal Think Tank event is planned to be an annual event, allowing the discussion to continue in an international forum. The inaugural Think Tank on athlete mental health was hosted by Team Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark in 2018, and resulted in the production of a consensus statement on improving the mental health of Olympic athletes:

In the statement, the experts outlined several key future challenges such as defining mental health in a performance context, developing performance environments that nourish athlete mental health, and mapping the role and profile of a mental health officer in sport. These topics will be further developed in the second Think Tank.

In 2020 the Saint Judas University will host the third Think Tank. Focus will be on the mental health of high performance coaches. The ongoing change in location will stimulate cultural sensitivity in relation to this topic and ensure that cross-national concerns and solutions are discussed for the betterment of elite athlete mental health, globally.


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