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Agenda of General Assembly and Award Ceremony

Click Here to download Agenda of General Assembly and Award Ceremony


Dear ISSP members, in the link bellow you can access to the statement for each of the candidate for the coming 2017 ISSP managing council election. For those that will not possible to be present in the Congress, please send the ballot to the follow address:

Dra. Rosana Llames Lavandera
Facultad de Psicologia (Universidad de Sevilla)
Departamento de Psicologia Experimental
Calle Camilo Jose Cela s/n
41018 Sevilla, Spain

ISSP 2017 Managing Council Election Ballot

President - select one (1)
Alexandre Garcia-Mas statement
Robert Joel Schinke statement

Vice President - select three (3)
Tatiana Ryba statement
Thomas Schack statement
Young-Ho Kim statement

Secretary General - select one (1)
Artur Poczwardowski statement

Treasurer - select one (1)
Hiroshi Sekiya statement

Member-at-Large - select up to nine (9)
Alessandro Quartiroli statement
Athanasius Amasiatu statement
Chris Harwood statement
Daniel Gucciardi statament
Franco Noce statement
Joanne Butt statement
Jolly Roy statement
Kristoffer Henriksen statement
Lauren Loberg statement
Nikos Comoutos (former Zourbanos) statement
Yu-Kai Chang statement

Election Procedure

ISSP members, see here the Election Procedure for Seville 2017

Click Here to download Election Procedure

ISSP Elections 2017

Dear ISSP members:

In accordance with the ISSP Statutes, it is agreed to declare open the nomination period for candidates to hold the positions of Member at Large and Officers (President, Three Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary General) of the ISSP Managing Council.

1. The deadline for submission of nominations is fixed at May 12th, 2017.
2. The documents must be sent to the Secretary General of the ISSP, who will make them available to the Electoral Committee.
3. Candidates must be nominated by an ISSP member.
4. Candidates must accompany the nomination with a Statement of a maximum of 250 words about the reasons for their candidacy.
 - One page, begin with a photo about 6 x 5.5 sm. in size.
 - Name and a title of the nominee - Times New Roman, 18 size, bold
 - Nominated/seconded by ... and For (position or member at large) (14 size)
 - Personal Statement (14 size, bold)
 - The text - one paragraph, 250 words, Times New Roman, 14 size.
 - It is recommended that the nominees may describe which ISSP tasks/activities he/she is planning to contribute if elected, in the personal statement.
5. Although not mandatory, it is recommended to accompany this Statment with a picture, a short CV and any other information that the candidates believe may illustrate the voters.


The Managing Council of the International Society of Sport Psychology has the consent to make a following statement in order to have a prompt expression of its attitude:

The International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) is a global scientific society that respects and promotes the rights of all people across the world, including the rights of students, athletes and scientists of all countries to travel anywhere in the world in order to study, to participate in sport activities and in scientific meetings respectively. Accordingly, the ISSP is against of any prohibition of free travel across the world of individuals of any country or ethnos.

Nominations for the New ISSP Managing Council July 2017

1. Nominations for the President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, and all other members at large must be received in writing by the Secretary General not later than May 12, 2017. All Nominees must agree in writing to stand for election.

2. All nominations must be proposed and seconded by members in good standing, not including the nominee.

3. Nominees are expected to agree in writing to stand for election and submit a typed statement presenting their case. Statements must be a maximum of 250 words in length. Longer statements will not be accepted.

4. The statements of nominees will be posted to the ISSP Website approximately 2 months prior to the General Assembly.

ISSP 14TH WORLD CONGRESS - Sevilla 10-14 July 2017

Dear colleagues,

I hereby inform you that the deadline for submitting proposals for posters and symposiums, as can be seen on the website has been extended to February 6, 2017 and the notification of acceptance of abstract to March 27.

We hope that this extension will help you to present more works, as you know all the abstracts will be published with ISBN and there will be possibility to publish the works that authors wish to be reviewed in the Journal of Sport Psychology following the rules Of the same.

We hope to see you in Sevilla 2017

Condolence - Condolencias

Our beloved Chapecoenses, you were heading to chase your dream and make the history, however, most of you were left on the way of dream forever by the unbelievable air crash on Nov. 29, 2016 in Colombia. It is really a tremendous loss not only for the football of Brazil, but also for the football of the world. This tragedy throws the whole world into an abyss of grief, but your great spirit of sport will live forever in everyone`s heart. Our thoughts are with all of you, your family and friends. R.I.P. for the passed.

Nossos amados Chapecoenses, voces estavam em busca de seus sonhos e de fazer a historia. No entanto, a maioria de voces foram deixados no caminho deste sonho para sempre pelo inacreditavel acidente em 29 de novembro de 2016 na Colombia. E realmente uma perda tremenda nao apenas para o futebol brasileiro, mas tambem para o futebol mundial. Esta tragedia lanca o mundo inteiro em um abismo de sofrimento, mas seu grande espirito esportivo vivera para sempre no coracao de todos. Nossos pensamentos estao com todos voces, sua familia e amigos. Descansem em Paz.

3+1 Package

Dear ISSP supporters, Starting from 2016, ISSP has started to offer a 3+1 package for STUDENT MEMBERSHIP, in addition to professional membership, launched in 2013. When you pay 3 years of student membership fees (i.e., 20 USD x 3 = 60 USD) one time, you will enjoy a valid membership status for the fourth year at no charge. The package provides 4 years of membership benefits that include 1) a total of 16 issues (4 issues per year) of IJSEP online access; 2) a lowered registration fee for the ISSP World Congress; and 3) a voting right for the next ISSP managing council election if you join ISSP one year prior to the 2017 congress. We strongly encourage you to take the advantage of this offer when you are still a student (the student status is valid for four years regardless of whether you've graduated during the four-year period). Please provide a valid student ID with signature from your supervisor for proof of identification and status, then send your notification to the treasurer at the following email address: . As for PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS, the benefits are the same as outlined above for student members, though the membership fee is 150 USD (i.e., 50 USD x 3 years with the fourth year free).

XVI Brazilian Congress and the IX International Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology (CONBIPE)

Belo Horizonte will host the XVI Brazilian Congress and the IX International Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology (CONBIPE) between 14 and 16 April 2016.

The CONBIPE And Organized hair Psychology Laboratory of Sports of the Federal University of Minas Gerais with the support of the Brazilian Association of Studies in Psychology of Sport and Exercise ( ABEPEEx ) and the International Society of Sport Psychology ( ISSP ).

Will be three days of lectures and round tables with researchers , psychologists , technicians, trainers Physical , Athletes belonging to universities , clubs and clinics around the country and world.

During the Congress also will happen the ISSP Certification Program (International Society of Sport Psychology), which is one of the goals is "certify and qualify professionals to work in sports psychology area."

For more information, click here to check the event website

In memory of Bola Ikulayo

Bola Ikulayo, a former ISSP Managing Council member during 20 years passed away on March, 24th in her home at the age of 67. "Our" Bola was born in June, 2nd, 1948 in Ikoro, Nigeria.

She devoted her life to sports psychology. She founded the Sport Psychology Association of Nigeria (SPAN) in 1985 and became its founding President. In 1997, in Singapore, she was elected a ISSP Managing Council member-at-large. She served for four terms, two of them as Vice-President. In 2013, in Beijing, she was one of the founders of the African Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology (ASSEP) and its first President.

In 1975, Bola got the degree of Bachelor of Education from the University of Sussex, England, and in 1978 the Master degree in Education from the University of Manchester. Back to Nigeria she became a PhD in Education, specialization in Sport Psychology and Educational Psychology from the university of Lagos, in 1985.

She led workshops on sport psychology in Nigeria and abroad, presented lectures internationally, wrote books, chapters and articles. Bola was a sport psychology consultant in top sports being the first sport psychologist in the staff of an African country in Olympic Games (Seoul and Sidney).

Always wishing to learn and improving her capacities, she decided to study Law in the University of Lagos when she was already a prestigious scholar in sport psychology. In 2000 she became a lawyer and enrolled in legal practice.

She was a retired Professor of the University of Lagos and a former Dean.

The sport psychology international community will miss her!

May she rest in peace.

Click Here to download Bola`s Obituary

ISSP Fellow and Applied SP Psychologist Awards

The ISSP Developing PractitionerAward is presented to early career sport and exercise psychology practitioners in acknowledgement of their contributions to excellence in the applied work and promotion of sport and/or exercise psychology.

To check the latest news about the award, just click the links below.

Click Here to download "ISSP Fellow Award.docx"

Click Here to download "ISSPDevelPractitAward.docx"

First European Seminar "Sport & Exercise Psychology Under the Leaning Tower"

The seminar will touch many arguments in sport and physical exercise Psychology. In particular, it will intervene some of the most prominent academics on motor imagery and action observation topics. These are keys areas for the intervention of the expert in sport psychology to enhance mental abilities of the subjects involved, at various levels and in different age groups.

The seminar is organized in two days. The first (March the 4th) will be dedicated to professors, researchers, professionals and university students in Psychology, Motor Sciences, Medicine and Physiotherapy through keynotes, poster sessions and frontal lessons. The day after (March the 5th), also open to the just mentioned figures, will be adressed to the middle and high school students, their physical education professors, athletes, sports managers and coaches with practical and experiential demonstrations in sport and physical exercise Psychology applied to different sports. Finally, the day before the seminar (March the 3rd), it will be a meeting whose participation is not on registration, but only by invitation, in which national and international guests and PhD students will open a debate in the form of a round table on the topics that will be addressed later in the seminar.

Click Here to download the Full Program

For more information check the official website and Facebook page of the event:

Click Here to go to the official website
Click Here to go to the official Facebook page


Dr. Octavio Rivas Solis, born in Mexico City , on July 8, 1935 , son of the Lic . Octavio Rivas Cid , a lawyer and Ms. Maria Solis Larena. Married in first marriage with Ms. Silvia Garza, who bore his only two children, Claudia Rivas ( the undersigned ) and Octavio Garza Rivas , being widowed in 1977 , remarries with Ms. Maria Esther Butron, who survives him and his granddaughter Alexa Da Pozzo, his main inspiration and passion today.

Passionate about music, singing, guitar and piano, football and sports from athletics to the football, and the perennial desire to help others, to heal, manifested first in his vocation as a medical heart surgeon, chief of practitioners in the Mexican Red Cross.

Specialist in psychosomatic (member of the national association of psychosomatic medicine) and specialist in various techniques of behavior modification medicine: neurolinguistic programming, transactional analysis, human development, mind-body therapies. Transactional analyst (didactic member of the International Transactional Analysis Association and former president of the Latin American Association of Transactional Analysis). In the last decades he is dedicated to running his own business, advising sports teams, government and private companies, in Mexico and abroad.

In 1975, after a government project with ICA engineers, he was hired to train and work with the players of PUMAS UNAM, obtaining the 1st. National Championship of the team in the 1976-1977 season, counting in its ranks players like Hugo Sanchez and Jesus Ramirez (champion coach national U - 17).

Since then he worked for more than 30 years for professional staff continuously, becoming the creator of the Chair of Sport Psychology in school football coaches of the Mexican Football Federation, working sporadically with various clubs of the professional football division, and other sports, including senior team (World Cup qualifiers and 86 and 94) and youth teams, accompanying those children and youth teams in world.

He was an innovator both in the medical area (member of the creative team of medical service open heart at the Red Cross with their teacher Dr. Perez Alvarez and Dr. Cruz Esparza) and in the area of sports psychology, implementing techniques and strategies at a time, which were considered "magical" implementing techniques like breathing, progressive relaxation and visualization, managing to convince skeptics that distant 1975.

Leader and teacher of virtually all subsequent generations of sport psychologists.

He leaves a great personal and professional legacy in his students, athletes and colleagues, but especially in his children and granddaughter,as well as a stream of light and love for knowledge in all of them.

In memory of Dr. Neil Widmeyer

Dear NASPSPA Membership,

We are sad to inform you that Dr. Neil Widmeyer, professor emeritus at University of Waterloo, passed away peacefully on Friday December 11. He was a frequent presenter at NASPSPA in the 1980s and 1990s, and many of us remember his wonderful smile, positive attitude, and devotion to his students. Along with his scholarly contributions to the areas of group cohesion and aggression in sport, he served as a sport psychologist for the Guelph Storm ice hockey team and most recently for 2016 Olympic hopeful in women`s boxing, Mandy Bujold, for whom the family requests donations in lieu of flowers. Dr. Widmeyer`s obituary appears in the link below.

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Executive Committee of NASPSPA

Download the document "Call for Meeting Site for the 15th World (ISSP) Congress in 2021"

To download the updated file, click here

ISSP 50th Anniversary Final video

50th Congress of the International Society of sports psychologists

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

NEW ISSP Facebook Page.

Dear ISSP members

We would like to share with you the link to our NEW Facebook Page.

International Symposium on Computer Science in Sports

ISCSS 2015 will be held at Loughborough University, Leicestershire, United Kingdom,from 9th to 11th, September 2015.To know more information,please click me!!

The International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) in cooperation with Wingate Institute/Givat Washington Academic College (Israel) and National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

a specialized Summer Workshop: "Biofeedback in Sport"at only shortlisted applicants will be notified of the application result.
Purpose: The use of biofeedback training as part of psychological preparation in sport. The presented approaches, named the Wingate-5-Steps approach, the Learning-Modification-Application approach, and Neurofeedback approach, will be learned and practiced.

Dates: The workshop will be held in August 2-7, 2015. The workshop is designed for up to 20 participants and will last for 6 days. In case of demands an additional cycle will be held in August 9-14, 2015.

click me!! to KNOW more information!!

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2015, 50th Aniversary of the ISSP Congress and Meeting in Rome And Orvieto, Italy

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