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Saturday, 30 November 2019 18:47


Dear ISSP Member, 

"Given the mission of ISSP, the ISSP Accreditation committee is finalizing the process of establishing an internationally recognized consultant/practitioner registry that represents the minimum standard of sport psychology practice. It is envisioned that the ISSP-Registry (ISSP-R) will respond to the high international mobility of both sporting clients and consultants as well as increase the visibility and credibility of the profession internationally. Importantly, it aims to augment the professional standards of the field with a particular focus on supporting those countries in which ASP is at a developing phase." (Chris Harwood, Ph.D C.Psychol ISSP Accreditation Committee [Chairperson])

On behalf of the ISSP Accreditation Committee, I have the pleasure to inform you that we are now ready to announce the submission dates for those of You who are interested in becoming a member of the ISSP-Registry. 

The submission dates are: 

  • March 1, 2020 for the ISSP-R Fast Track Route (for established practitioners) and 
  • September 1, 2020 for everyone (i.e., both ISSP-R Normal Route [emerging practitioners] and established practitioners [should they decide to apply later in the upcoming year]). 

Again, please, visit our website []) for more information about the ISSP Practitioner Registry (ISSP-R), its criteria and requirements, and examples of the application materials. Note: dates for applications for the ISSP-R Approved Supervisors will be communicated at a later time. 

Finally, please, be looking out for more updates and information (application submission portal, applicable fees, etc.) in the upcoming months. 

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important step in growing the field of applied sport psychology globally.


Artur Poczwardowski, Ph.D. 

(ISSP Secretary General) 

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Thursday, 21 November 2019 12:56

President’s Message November 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect upon the first two years of this four-year term for the International Society of Sport Psychology. There is much to be enthusiastic about, and yet there is a strong and clear path that lies before us. Among the steps in the correct direction, the second call for ISSP Fellows has now past, and several applicants were nominated, each with important credentials and contributions to this organization. The ISSP Fellows adjudication is being led by Past President Dr. Gangyan Si, with support from Dr. Dieter Hackfort and Dr. Sidonio Serpa, both former ISSP Presidents. These people are hard at work examining applications. I wish to thank the adjudication committee for their diligence and support of this recently launched membership benefit for those seeking to become ISSP Fellows.

The International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, ISSP’s flagship journal, continues its ascent as a world class peer reviewed journal. The journal is classified in SCOPUS (ESCI), and with a mock impact factor of 1.73, and steadily climbing, it will shortly reach the threshold of 1.8 and its own impact factor. Equally promising, the IJSEP is benefiting from increased submissions with each year at the rate of within 15-20% growth each year. Consequently, as of 2020 the journal, which was recently increased to five installments per year, will now be printed in six installments per year. Additionally, as we complete our negotiations to remain with Taylor and Francis, in what has become a wonderful longstanding relationship, the publisher has kindly agreed to develop a PDF and online supplement of abstracts that will accompany each ISSP Congress. The intention is for presenters to have their abstracts published in the Web of Science – yet another membership benefit.

This past October, the ISSP was fortunate to have a local partner for its ISSP Think Tank on Athlete Mental Health. The think tank was locally hosted in Colorado Springs by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Dr. Sean McCann was the local organizer, and he worked closely with Dr. Kristoffer Henriksen from the ISSP Managing Council. The think tank focus was “Athlete Mental Health Through an Olympic Cycle”. Representatives were in attendance from FEPSAC, AASP, ISSP, the NBA, and the USOPC. The benefit from this think tank will be in the form of an invited open access publication in the International Journal of Sport and exercise Psychology, as well as white papers and practical interventions, brought forth from those in attendance, into their respective agencies and societies. The pattern of ISSP Think Tanks will continue in 2020, this time in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The International Society of Sport Psychology Registry is also now nearly finalized, with application information available at the website in a distinct drop down window. The first round of applicants, denoted as fast track, will be able to apply as of March 01, 2020. We look forward to piloting with these inaugural applicants with enthusiasm. For those interested, please begin to develop your applications.

Also found within the website, there is a drop down window where international events are identified, and especially, the ISSP Congress of 2021, to be hosted in Taipei, July 01-05. The Scientific Committee recently reached out to our membership with a new membership survey regarding favored topics. From this survey, we gained a 30% response rate, with feedback directing us to subject areas and foci that are more than ever before, membership driven. Presently, we are hard at work generating a successful candidate for each possible topic. Keynotes will be secured by early 2020, well in advance of the congress. We promise that the quality of keynotes, invited lectures, symposia, and panels will be of exceptional world class quality, focused on bridging research to practice in sport and exercise psychology from as many  corners of the world as is possible.

Finally, our membership is steadily growing from where it was four years ago. With the increased membership benefits, people are beginning to find further value in the ISSP annually. These benefits also include, and will continue to include, opportunities for you, the membership, to gain access to ISSP Committees as a “committee member”. Membership in our committees is especially important to succession planning as you become more familiar and engaged with this society. We encourage you to visit our website and examine our organizational chart. Membership engagement is something this society seeks and welcomes with enthusiasm. Have a wonderful last few weeks of 2019 and a blessed start to 2020.

Robert Schinke

President – International Society of Sport Psychology

Saturday, 02 November 2019 14:23

ISSP Workshops in Thessaloniki 2019

The first symposium entitled “The International Network of ISSP Members and Students” will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece on November 12, 2019. Seven members of ISSP Managing Council will l conduct three seminars for International Students in Sport and Exercise Psychology and will focus on ISSP-Registry, consulting with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and quality research and writing for publication in sport and exercise psychology. This inaugural ISSP Network represents the true meaning of the Greek word “symposium” = “syn” + “posis”, meaning discussion accompanying by food and drink with a clear focus on collaborative learning.

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