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2015, 50th Aniversary of the ISSP Congress and Meeting in Rome And Orvieto, Italy

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ELECTIONS - What's new?

The officers and members at large of the Managing Council (MC) of the ISSP are elected by the membership of the ISSP every 4 years.

  • Any member of ISSP who is entitled to vote can submit nominations for the election of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, and members at large of the MC.
  • All nominations must be proposed and seconded by members in good standing, not including the nominee.

Following are the specific procedures for nominations and elections:

  1. All individual members of ISSP whose membership is current at 5:00 p.m. on the day before the General Assembly are eligible to vote.
  2. A call for nominations and nomination forms were circulated via the homepage in time prior to the General Assembly.
  3. Voting papers for all categories of Officer and MC member will be circulated via the internet prior to the General Assembly.
  4. Statements of nominees are circulated via the homepage.
  5. Completed voting papers have to be mailed to the local organizers of the ISSP World Congress in Marrakech marked "ISSP voting" on the front bottom left of the envelope. They will be stored securely, unopened by the local organizers, and delivered in this form to the pro tem Election Committee, on their arrival at the venue.
  6. Voting papers will also be available at the general information desk at the Congress venue, until voting closes at 5:00 p.m. on the evening prior to the General Assembly. Votes may be posted in a voting box at the general information desk.
  7. The Election Officer will be an experienced member of ISSP, who has not been nominated for any position on MC. Thus, the person will be identified and invited by MC.
  8. That person will be charged with the task of establishing a pro tem Election Committee, consisting of ISSP members with no vested interest in the election and who are not attending the event, during which the General Assembly will take place. The number of persons will be determined by the Election Officer, as they consider appropriate.
  9. At 5.00 p.m. on the evening prior to the General Assembly, new memberships and renewals will be closed for the purpose of participating in the election. They will reopen for general purposes the morning after the General Assembly. A copy of the up-to-date list of paid-up members will be passed to the Election Committee.
  10. Vote counting by the Election Committee will commence after 5:00 p.m. on the evening before the General Assembly and will be completed by 12.00 noon the next day.
  11. To ensure that each member votes only once, they will sign a statement of membership that will be submitted tin their external voting envelope, with their votes in a sealed envelope inside the external envelope. Election Committee will cross each person off the membership list as they examine this form. To ensure anonymity in voting, the member's unopened voting envelope will be placed in a "Valid Vote" box.
  12. Once all valid votes have been collected and checked, Election Committee will open the voting envelopes and record the votes for various categories. These will then be tallied to determine the successful candidates in each category.
  13. The results will remain confidential until the Election Officer announces them during the election item on the General Assembly agenda.
  14. When the voting papers are circulated in the two issues of the Newsletter (see item 2), parallel sets of papers will be circulated to the designated officer of all current group members. For all group members whose subscription is paid between the second newsletter mail-out and the close of membership renewals at 5.00 p.m. on the day prior to the General Assembly, the procedure will be as follows. The designated officer can collect and complete their group voting papers from the general information desk at the General Assembly at any time before close of voting at 5.00 p.m. on the day prior to the General Assembly.
  15. After 5.00 p.m. on the day prior to the General Assembly, a list of all current group members will be passed to the Election Committee. A process will be employed that is parallel to that of checking individual members off (see item 13), but using the group member list, to ensure that no group inadvertently votes twice. The number of votes that each group member is designated will be as per ISSP statutes.

The Elections Results of Managing Council (2009-2013 )

Statements for:

Sidonio Serpa, Ph.D.

Tel: +351 21 414 91 73

Fax: +351 21 414 47 12


Past President:

Dieter Hackfort, Ph. D.




Vice President: 
Traci Statler, Ph. D.


Abderrahim Baria, Ph.D.


Natalia Stambulova , Ph. D.



Secretary General:
Gangyan Si

Ernest Tsung-Min Hung

Managing Council:
Athanasios Papaionnou,Ph. D 

Newton Santos Vianna Jr., M. Sc

Anotinette Minniti, Ph. D

Alexandre Garcia, Ph. D


Tatiana Ryba, Ph. D.


Thomas Schack,Prof. Dr.

Ruy Krebs, Ph. D

Bola Ikulayou, Ph. D.  

Hiroshi Sekiya,Ph. D. 


President of  ISSP

I started my relationship with ISSP 18 years ago organizing the 8th World Congress (Lisbon). In 1993 I was elected to the MC. Lately I became secretary general and vice-president. I have met all the presidents of ISSP and, with the exception of Antonelli, I worked with all of them.
I am professor in the Technical University of Lisbon and the chair of the SP department. My main interests are psychology of coaching and performance enhancement. As a SP consultant I have worked with top level athletes and have participated in Olympic Games. I have published scholarly papers and made presentations in the five continents. From 1995 to 1999 I was invited professor in the Polytechnic Institute of Macao (China). Internationally I have organized conferences and participated in a number of academic projects and SP activities.
I have extensive knowledge about ISSP business and history which should help me to contribute to its advancement and recognition as well as SP in many parts of the world. Some of the objectives I have are to: initiate actions to coordinate efforts among the SP main continental associations to contribute to the advancement of SP in the world; work for the legitimacy of SP consultants at the Olympics by the IOC; expand SP education using electronic facilities, continue the previous presidentÓ’s idea of ISSP e-academy; and establish the past-presidents board for advising on specific issues.
Most of my professional life has been dedicated to SP. It would be an honor to continue in such a significant role as president of ISSP.


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