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2015, 50th Aniversary of the ISSP Congress and Meeting in Rome And Orvieto, Italy

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RATES - Membership Fees (Payable to the Treasurer in U.S. Dollars)

Individual Membership Fees

Income Membership Fee (U.S. Dollars)
Full time student $20 per year
Professional $50 per year
Professional 3+1 $150 for 4 years
Full time student 3+1 $60 for 4 years

*Both full time student and professional rates include subscription to the electronic version of the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
*Proof of full time student status such as a photocopy of student ID is required.
*Reduced rates would be available, with documented need, submitted to the ISSP President.


Group membership fees

The group president must supply a membership list with the application for membership as the group fee is determined by the size of the group.

Size of Group Membership Fee (U.S. Dollars)
10-50 $70
51-100 $100
101 or more $150
Organizational Affiliates $40

For more information on group membership and fees, please contact Ernest Tsung-Min Hung at .

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