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2015, 50th Aniversary of the ISSP Congress and Meeting in Rome And Orvieto, Italy

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BENEFITS - Membership

As a member of the ISSP, you are e.g. authorized to access the web-based Newsletter that is published twice per year, as well as the multilingual eDictionary on key terms in sport and exercise psychology. You can also attend the ISSP World Congress with preferential registration fee. Your name can be saved in the Expert Databank, and you can find Experts in the Databank and communicate with them.

Dear ISSP supporters, Starting from 2016, ISSP has started to offer a 3+1 package for STUDENT MEMBERSHIP, in addition to professional membership, launched in 2013. When you pay 3 years of student membership fees (i.e., 20 USD x 3 = 60 USD) one time, you will enjoy a valid membership status for the fourth year at no charge. The package provides 4 years of membership benefits that include 1) a total of 16 issues (4 issues per year) of IJSEP online access; 2) a lowered registration fee for the ISSP World Congress; and 3) a voting right for the next ISSP managing council election if you join ISSP one year prior to the 2017 congress. We strongly encourage you to take the advantage of this offer when you are still a student (the student status is valid for four years regardless of whether you've graduated during the four-year period). Please provide a valid student ID with signature from your supervisor for proof of identification and status, then send your notification to the treasurer at the following email address: . As for PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS, the benefits are the same as outlined above for student members, though the membership fee is 150 USD (i.e., 50 USD x 3 years with the fourth year free).

To become an ISSP member, click here.

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